Monthly Archives: March 2007

Just finished my weekly call to my mother – she lives 6000 miles away so I don’t see her very often. During the conversation we talked about the time we lived in East Africa. She mentioned that when they lived in Fort Portal, Uganda, (this was before I was born) she used to go down to the garden gate in the mornings to wait for the postman. This was in the early ’60s. A nice young man was staying in the PWD (public works department) house opposite. At the time he was a warrant officer in the KAR (King’s African Rifles).

They had many conversations together; he spoke excellent English. He was a fairly good boxer and had aspirations of becoming an army officer.

You never can tell with some people. He did indeed go on to become an army officer.

And then President of Uganda.

His name was Idi Amin.