Monthly Archives: February 2010

Fly tipping – and an unusual bonus

Well, my wife and I just got back from our walk in the countryside as we do every Sunday.

In spring, summer and autumn this is normally a foraging-type walk where we pick apples, mushrooms, blackberries or whatever else we can find.

Unfortunately some people use the countryside as a dumping ground. Not really surprising, as council refuse dumps levy a charge to make use of their services (unless one is a private individual). So Mr. Bodgit & Scarper, your otherwise law-abiding builder/decorator/handyman, doesn’t take rubbish to the right place. Instead it’s “park down a country lane, and if nobody’s looking, empty the back of the van quick”.
Well, today we came across an upright refrigerator which was looking rather forlorn, with the doors broken off. I thought we could maybe salvage a shelf or two for our freezer. But on closer inspection we discovered that two of the drawers still contained food. So we came away with 5 mini chocolate bars, a bag of ginger, some spring onions, and a rather nifty little tupperware box of cheese.
Which was nice.