A new look…

Welcome to the new layout. If you happen to use Facebook, you may have seen that I was having some issues with the blog recently.

Up until today it was hosted on Google’s Blogger platform. Well, yesterday, Google India’s automated system decided that this blog was SPAM, so deleted it.

I requested a restore, and several hours later received an email from Google apologizing, and the blog was re-instated.

Guess what? This morning (28/02/2014) yet another automated email was received from Google, saying that their automated system had decided that this blog was SPAM, so they had deleted it.

Enough was enough. I have now moved it to WordPress, and am hosting it on another domain which I own. (For technical reasons I can’t host it on the ST1100 domain itself).

So there you have it. Fortunately I had a backup, so the move to WordPress went fairly smoothly. If you have your own blog on Blogger, I strongly suggest you move it from there without delay, or at least make sure you have a current backup!

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