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Fancy a ride?

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On Saturday 19th June, we shall ride for one complete lap of the M25 (117 miles) in the inaugural “London – the long way round” Parade, Once this is primarily for the thousands of you who want be able to attend the hearing days which are during the working week in the centre of London, and whilst we appreciate that many smaller cc machines would be excluded, there are 3 other powerful, and highly symbolic reasons:-

a) to really show everyone that still sides with the robber-barons of Westminster Council, as well as the law-makers and the Court the true extent of the “army” of malcontents circling and surrounding the Metropolis
b) to send a clear signal to all the other London (and non-London) councils that may be tempted to follow Westminster’s lead
c) to show that the bikers are reforming as in days of old to once again become one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the UK.
Starting at the M40 junction, we will ride clockwise around the M25 hopefully being joined by you & bikers from all over the country at your/their preferred junction. As we intend to cruise at a safe 45mph, we will post estimated times that we anticipate to be passing each junction, and we will be making full 15 minute pit-stop at each of the service stations to allow re-fuels; leg-stretches; bum-reviving etc but more crucially, a chance to pick up other riders safely. Please take note that this inaugural run will be unashamedly fund-raising for the legal fund by asking anyone joining us to contribute £5. We intend to use these as the official count for the numbers that attended, so, should you ride but not contribute, alas, you won’t be counted!

We hope to be able to offer both “I was there” t-shirts and commemorative hi-viz’s in the run-up to June 19th, but the main emphasis will be on encouraging you all to become OUR promotional department. We really need to you pass the word to make this ride-out, even though its the first time, one of the best attended.

Friends, the end of our “journey” together may well be in sight, so please help us in this our final furlongs to ensure that our legacy is permanently etched in the minds of the bureaucrats lest they ever want to challenge the biking community again. And whatever may befall the campaign, lets hope the “London – the long way round” becomes and annual charity event that keeps that legacy alive.