Monthly Archives: June 2009

Customer Service

Well I finally got around to doing something about the two broken stud extractors left behind following my open-brake surgery).

I didn’t mention it at the time, but they were Snap-On extractors, which are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee. Anyway, I visited the Snap-On website and contacted their Customer Services via email. I was advised to return the broken pieces to them and they would see if they could be replaced. So I put the two broken stud extractors into an envelope. I also (in hope) enclosed the broken left-hand-thread drill bit (although their website did point out that this was a consumable item) and posted them. This was on Monday this week.

Today (Wednesday) there was a knock on the door, and a UPS chap stood there with a parcel.

Not only did Snap-On replace the two broken extractors, but the drill bit as well. Now there’s customer service for you.

So, people, if you’re going to buy tools, it’s worth looking at Snap-On.