Not road legal after all. Or am I?

Right, it seems the insurance saga which has been the subject of the last few blog entries has not quite finished.

Yesterday (8th January) I received a recorded letter, dated 31 December 2012. It should have been collected last week, but the local post office was closed for a week, so I was only able to get it yesterday.

It was from the insurance company, Generali Belgium.

Basically it says I have until the 11th January to provide the “Relevant Information”.

I had no idea what relevant information they require, so my wife called the broker, Agence Eaton. It seems that the problem lies with the proof of my previous no claims bonus, issued by my previous insurance company in the UK, Motorcycle Direct.

Shock, horror. It’s in English. And Generali Belgium cannot speak English; so they have decided that they are no longer going to insure me. This is three months after they received all the documentation, mind you.

The broker has now found another insurance company, Generali Belgium, which will insure me. It’s slightly more expensive, €460 this time. Although the insurance policy does include theft. With a hefty excess of €1500.

And no, I didn’t make a mistake typing the name of the company. Generali Belgium. The name of the previous company which has decided it doesn’t want to insure me? Generali Belgium.

No, I don’t understand it either.

To quote Gerard Depardieu:
"Minable, vous avez dit minable? Comme c’est minable!"

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

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